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Written Translations

We are diligent, reliable, hardworking, always finish on time, and never exceed the quote we give you.

Written translation is a reproduction of the content of the original document by means of the language of translation, in written form.

The principal service rendered by Fonetix is written translation of texts and documents from foreign languages into Russian and from Russian into foreign languages. We have vast experience in translating large volumes of text, and maintaining uniform terminology and translation style, which is an important component of work quality.

We translate service manuals, shop manuals, specifications, business proposals, feasibility studies, technical and economic assessments, annual reports, presentation slides, advertising materials, catalogues and brochures.

Before a translation is delivered to the customer, it is verified and proofread for the following:

  • translation integrity, including the availability of all the necessary graphics and tables in a text;
  • accurate reproduction of content and terminology (equivalency and adequacy of translation);
  • correct spelling and grammar; compliance with language standards;
  • absence of misprints and other errors, including any spelling mistakes undetectable by automatic means;
  • adherence to other arrangements with the customer related to any specific features of a translation project.

In performing written translations, we use contemporary tools: computer software, including Translation_Memory, modern electronic and hard copy dictionaries, industry and corporate glossaries.

When performing multi-page written translations, we work in contact with our customers to ensure uniform terminology of the documents translated, and compile corporate glossaries for each customer. These glossaries ensure the consistency of translation and adherence to the terminology conventional for a customer company.

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