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Consecutive oral translation and simultaneous interpretation form an essential part of any serious negotiations with foreign partners and customers. In many cases, the success of negotiations relies on the quality of translation and professional skills of translators.

Fonetix Translation Company provides simultaneous interpretation and consecutive translation services in Moscow and surrounding areas. Oral translations are performed by our highly professional translators with expertise in particular subjects.

In Consecutive translation, the speaker will pause after a completed sentence or thought for the translator to present the translation. The key skill to be mastered by such interpreters in translation schools (in addition to language skills, of course) is to expand their retentive, or "retaining", memory which allows them to memorize rather lengthy sentences while preparing a translation.

Simultaneous interpretation is a more up-to-date, advanced and complicated translation technique. Simultaneous interpretation requires an interpreters ability to simultaneously listen, memorize, and translate what is being said, with just a few words delay after the speaker. Special equipment is usually required to carry out such translations.

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