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Text editing is the processing of text information in order to adjust it as required. Editing can be technical or stylistic.

Editing of translations is usually performed by native speakers or professional translators with a vast working knowledge. The work of an editor implies checking the accuracy of content and terminology reproduction, and the adequacy of text style, making corrections as required.

The editor works to specify and unify the terms, concepts, and definitions used in a text and pertaining to a relevant branch of economy, knowledge, science, or technology. He or she prepares subject reviews, annotations and abstracts, using foreign-language sources of scientific and engineering information.

It is easier for an editor to adapt to similar mistakes or inaccuracies. It is somewhat more difficult to detangle a confusion of terminology or text presentation, as there are numerous ways to correctly express one and the same idea, and a translator cannot be required to match an expected wording.

It is worth pointing out here that translation of a text into a foreign language is but one component of the end product. It is not infrequent that the translation itself, by the labor input, accounts for just 30 – 35% of the total work content. In addition, a text undergoes a variety of other operations, including quality control which involves editing and proofreading, the more so with mission-critical texts, such as engineering materials or legal documents. In general, any document will benefit from a second look, in addition to that of a translator.

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