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We don't follow trends, we define them

Language service providers using this translation technology offer customers the most competent translation resources. TRADOS has been acclaimed as an established standard in the localization industry and is gaining in popularity with professionals worldwide. Moreover, over 100 of the world leading universities have endorsed TRADOS and included training and certification in TRADOS into their curriculum to better prepare students for the translation profession.

TRADOS software package smoothly integrates with conventional office tools to manage the delivery of information from authoring to publication and throughout the distributed translation supply chain. Software filters for processing of nearly 70 file types, 3 translation editing environments, powerful integrated terminology management empower LSPs to accept any project, and provide with flexibility in the ever-changing world of customer requirements.

The revolutionised concept of translation memory matching eliminates the tedious need for in-context 100% match review. There is no limit to expansion of knowledge base and competent workforce with TRADOS powerful server solutions. TRADOS technology accelerates the delivery of high-quality localized content to market. With translation service provider operating TRADOS tools customers may feel secure any time.

View the brochure "Technology Translation Memory" (PDF)

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Technological Leadership
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