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Here the art of translation becomes a simple, definable, and measurable process.

At Fonetix translation and localization constitute systematic, well managed processes. Qualified, dedicated people are a start, but the real secret is organizing professionals into effective teams, training them in your products and technologies, giving them the technology to be productive, and following up with quality control checks by experts at every step from draft translation through editing, correction, desktop publishing, proofreading, overseas review and copy checking.

  • Fonetix Translations offers quality service complying with global professional standards and rendered at competitive prices.
  • Skilled translators and interpreters
  • State-of-the-art computer assisted translation tools
  • Maintaining customer-specified time-to-market
  • Quality management system
  • Advanced hardware and cutting-edge software
  • Employees trained and tested in the art of translation and localization at every level

We have built a dedicated team of accomplished translators, editors and consultants boasting years of experience at public and private entities.

We have adopted computer-assisted tools for project management and developed a system ensuring the overall consistency of style and terminology – all to make translation a simple, definable and measurable process.

We use the best computer equipment and cutting-edge software, enhanced by project-specific glossaries developed in-house, and apply our own proprietary tools for translation and localization management.

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