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Professional Project Management

Here the art of translation becomes a simple, definable, and measurable process

Translation accounts for only about 30% of the effort to produce a document in another language. It takes a dedicated, professional project manager to make sure that all the steps-translating, editing, proofreading, publishing, quality control, printing, and the rest — are completed efficiently and accurately.

At Fonetix you will work with a seasoned project manager dedicated to your projects. The project manager evaluates your needs, builds teams of professionals with the right skills, personally guides every project through our quality control process, and serves as the focal point for all communications.

Project managers at Fonetix undergo an intensive formal six-month on-the-job training program, complemented with continual mentoring by senior personnel. We run regular weekly seminars on topics such as project cost accounting, computer systems, electronic publishing, machine translation and machine-assisted translation technologies, to make sure that our personnel expand their capabilities and keep informed on new technological developments and management techniques.

See our brochure "Virtuoso Translators" (PDF)

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