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Technical Translation
Written translation of technical texts and manuals

Fonetix Translations is the stable leader in the field of T/I services such as technical translation in scopes of site localization, translation of written technical documents, instruction manuals and software. Focusing on the individual demands of our clients, we guarantee performance of high-quality written translation in short terms.



Fonetix Translations has been the leading player in the Russian Federation technical translation market since 1988.

We were the first in Russia who started to apply SDL Trados Studio for translation job. From the very beginning, we focused on business and technical documentation. Fonetix Translations launched its business in 1988, combining the capacities and efforts of specialists from several industries in a streamlined T/I service. Our first clients became Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Panasonic, Komatsu Limited, British Petroleum, Fiat, GE Nuovo Pignone and others.

Our present


Our current pool of regular partners includes 100+ businesses, with the majority referring to

Fonetix as a reliable, expert provider of translation services.


At present, Fonetix has a 300 strong team of freelance translators skilled in various areas of technical translation on hand.


Our employees regularly enter translation training programs, attend professional events, and upgrade their expertise by taking proficiency courses, which imbues us with confidence in the high level of the translation we provide.


We use advanced software and state-of-the-art translation tools enabling us to deliver quality translations right on time and, moreover, guarantee that.


We view our work as business people would and are always there to provide a required service package.


You’ll enjoy partnering with us!

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