As a Russia-based language service provider, Fonetix has been at the cutting edge of the market for translation of literature on high-tech, sophisticated equipment and machinery since 1988.


23 February 1988

    The official registration of the first private translation institution in the USSR, viz. the translation agency Inlingua (the forerunner of the Fonetix translation agency) under V. N. Grabovsky.


October – December 1990

    The first stage of the on-the-job training for representatives of the Russian translation company at the head office of the US translation firm "The Corporate Word” (Pittsburgh, PA). Training in LAN administration, mastering the advanced software for a translation firm. The purchase of computers, network hardware and peripherals including the relevant software.


July – September 1991

    The second stage of the on-the-job training at the translation firm The Corporate Word. Further training: project management, handling of large-scale projects and methods of layout design.


April 1999

    It was Fonetix that pioneered and put into practice the Trados Translation Memory technology in Russia. This translation management system was based on the complete Trados Translator’s Workbench software package.



    Fonetix joined the Union of Translators of Russia (UTR).

UTR is an interregional public organisation that unites translator entities across all the regions of the country – from Kaliningrad to the Russian Far East. Its motto is “Professionalism and advocating translators’ interests.”



    Fonetix joined the Moscow Entrepreneurs Association,

the oldest interregional public organisation of entrepreneurs of Russia. The Association features 27 committees uniting businessmen from 50+ regions of Russia, including business representatives of other countries.


May 2004

    Publication of the Translation Standard: "Translation – Translator and Customer Guidelines" were developed based on the generalised experience of Russian translators, the study of state Standards, manuals and guidelines of the All-Russian Translation Centre and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, internal quality control regulations of Russian translation firms, as well as similar documents used in translation practice in other countries. The Standard was approved by the UTR Board on May 14, 2004.


June 2004 – to date

    Fonetix fully adopted a dedicated 1C: Enterprise (ERP) system customised to manage all its translation business processes. The system handles interrelated units of both in-progress and archived projects offering an exhaustive set of data on their specifics and background. The matters of interacting with subcontractors are also documented. Each service provider/contractor has a profile containing data on the quality of their performance. There is a customer database essential to manage projects and maintain customer relations.


September 2007

    Fonetix joins the International professional forum of translators and interpreters TranslatorsCafé.com. This provides an opportunity to discuss technicalities with colleagues round the clock.


August 2007

    Fonetix joins the international translators' portal GoTranslators. This is a specialist online resource featuring a translator database arranged according to native speakers and areas of specialisation.


February 2006

    In spring, Fonetix adopted the latest version of the SDL Trados technology, the most favoured CAT tool in the translation industry. The staff of Fonetix refer to this year as record breaking in terms of the number of signed contracts.


March 2006

     The March issue of The Who is Who on the Translation Market magazine featured an article about the Fonetix translation company.


January 2008

    A surge in the demand for technical translation services. Fonetix extends its activities and staff.


February 2008

    In February, Fonetix marks its 20th anniversary. This is a significant milestone in the company’s life. Thanks to the unflagging energy of the team made up of high-class professionals, the company currently stays at the forefront in the Russian market for translation services.


June 2008

    The reputable bilingual periodical The Russia Corporate World described Fonetix as a lead player in the translation market in the Russian Federation.


May 2013

    Fonetix took part in the first Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference (UTIC-2013) held in Kiev. This meeting proved to be the largest event across the industry in Ukraine.


June 2014

    Fonetix joined the European Language Industry Association (ELIA). ELIA is a non-commercial organisation uniting scores of leading translation companies of Europe and beyond, and boosting the translation services market.


Vladimir Nickolayevich Grabovsky (1947–2008)

The founder of Fonetix

A graduate of MGIMO, the University under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Worked in a diplomatic capacity in the USSR embassies in Japan and Singapore, and in the central office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR.

Member of the Board of the Union of Translators of Russia