We are not just translators or interpreters; we are the key element of your business in the global markets. We help you to open the door to another-language partners and customers of your products. We help you to break through the language barrier. We are ready to bring our 20-years wide professional experience, all our achievements and capabilities at the service of your business interests.


    1. We consider our work as business people.

We are linguists, but at the same time we are business people. We communicate with you primarily in the language of business and strive to contribute to implementation of your plans. We make translation an important tool for promoting projects, increasing sales and expanding business connections.


    2. We are convenient to maintain a long-term relationship.

Within a long-term cooperation the quality of our translations improves, since we obtain a deeper understanding of your business and specific features of your products. We create special working groups and glossaries. We keep all completed orders in archives.


    3. The longer we work with you, the lower price of T/I services.

As long as we work with you, the term bases grow and the cost of T/I services decreases. We have a flexible discounts system for long-term orders.


    4. We pay attention to the most subtle aspects of any translation.

We translate words and interpret all the sensitive meanings. Our translations avoid discrepancies and misunderstandings. They are easy readable and understood as original texts, written in another language only.


    5. Only technical specialists handle technical documents.

Our translators and interpreters passed their language and technical skills assessment. Many of them have a technical background and work experience at production sites. They are also versed with our best practices in the field of technical translation.


    6. Our principle is a problem shared is a problem halved.

We work at your orders in a team. Translators, copyreaders and editors cross-check each other to ensure translation accuracy and terms and style consistency. We have created an entire Translations Quality Control System.


    7. We operate all modern technologies.

We do your translations using the latest linguistic tools. Among them, the Translation Memory (TM), which we first mastered in Russia.


    8. You can charge us the whole variety of connected tasks.

Our technical capabilities allow us completing any of your tasks on a turnkey basis. We are able to embody the translated text in any final form you need: digital files of the required format, CD and multicolour printed matter.


    9. We do our best to comply with your deadlines.

Our managers operate upon work procedures that were fine-tuned within years. Every procedure is tracked by automated project management system. If necessary, we work at night and on weekends.


    10. We keep your trade secrets confidential.

We are reliable partners. We guarantee that our cooperation and the information, you provided to us, will stay confidential.