Technical Translation


The basic service provided by the Fonetix Translations is translation of written texts and documents from foreign languages ​​into Russian and from Russian into foreign languages. We have an extensive experience in translating large volumes of texts while maintaining the terms and style consistency, which is an important factor of the work performance.

In case of order for large-volume written translation, we are in contact with customers, confirming the terms of the translated documents and compiling corporate dictionaries for each client. Such dictionaries ensure the tradition of translation and terms consistency adopted by the customer company.

Legal Translation


Translation in compliance with industry standards and law language:


  • Laws and regulations
  • Charter documents
  • Claims / judgments
  • Tender documents
  • Corporate documents
  • Contracts / agreements
  • Authorizations and approvals
  • Business plans
  • Presentations
  • Personal documents

Screen Translation


Fonetix Translations supports translation and interpreting from various media and records:


  • Video and music theme songs
  • Presentations and promotional videos
  • Video programs and multimedia applications
  • Programs for automatic alert systems
  • Computer games and more.
  • Rewriting from any media in real time to computer media with noise cleaning (CD, MD, cassette, etc.)


Our speakers base includes both male and female voices, incl. in foreign languages.



Fonetix Translations provides notarization of the translated documents with subsequent legalization or apostille service, or for submitting documents to the official authorities of the Russian Federation. Over the last 2019, we have notarized over 1000 documents. We and our partner notary office work efficiently and effectively.



Our company provides localization services: websites, softwares, equipment.


A multilingual resource is integration of your business into international audience of clients and partners. Localization of software allows you to create your own web resource for development of sales and dealer network in different regions. Also, it is impossible not to note the huge role that localization plays for the positive image of your company. Contacting with global audience confirms company’s strong position in the professional market.


Websites localization is the adapting process of website or webpage to a specific language, culture, local customs, age, gender, professional group, etc. in order to improve the perception of content by a specific group of people.